Capacity Development Working Group

The CCCM cluster has traditionally invested a significant amount of time, energy and resources to build global training capacity in CCCM. In 2015, a CCCM trainers’ community of practice and a capacity development working group was established to support colleagues to reflect on the evolving sector of Camp Management and make recommendations for new topics and strategies for capacity building within CCCM.

The Capacity Development Working Group (CDWG) aims to support the CCCM cluster to develop technical and operational capacity of CCCM practitioners and other relevant actors according to the Global CCCM Cluster Strategy 2021-2023 and priorities, and ensure objectives are fulfilled efficiently and effectively, demonstrating high performance and quality results.

The objectives of the CDWG are:

  • To provide exchange between trainers on learning needs, best approaches, new resources and tested methods with focus on strengthening CCCM operational capacity, coordination and tools
  • To provide a forum for driving the CCCM Cluster to develop new capacity building initiatives, exchange information and knowledge in the area of CCCM learning initiatives.

The CDWG meets quarterly and is chaired by Maddy Green-Armytage -

Webinars and other video resources related to Capacity Development can be found on the CCCM Cluster YouTube page.

Capacity Development Support

Face to face training is available for CCCM staff and partners, including government counterparts. The CCCM Cluster has an inter-agency roster of trainers that can be deployed to conduct learning needs assessments and deliver training in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. If you have a question related to CCCM Capacity Building reach out to the Skype group below.

Or if more specific capacity-building support is necessary, please write to the CCCM Cluster team


CCCM Training Registry

The CCCM Training registry is used to track CCCM Capacity Building events conducted by CCCM Cluster partners across the world, to identify gaps and strengths and to consolidate knowledge on in-country CCCM knowledge in order to plan and respond appropriately to current and anticipated CCCM needs. To learn more, view the following Training registry FAQ.

Any CCCM partner organization who has requested/conducted a CCCM training should record its details through the short form linked below



Capacity Development Working Group shared folder

The Capacity Development Working Group shared folder is a folder where trainers can share training materials with their CCCM training colleagues. To access please click on the link below. This section and the OneDrive link only appears to logged-in CCCM trainers. To avoid unauthorised access, please don't share the OneDrive link to non CCCM trainers.