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Since February 2022, over 6 million people have become displaced internally, mainly from the eastern, southern, and northern areas of the country. The number of collective sites across Ukraine has increased from 160 in 2021 to 7,200 centers that have the capacity to host almost 500,000 people.

IDPs staying in collective sites, established mainly in schools, kindergartens, and university dormitories, are considered to be among the most vulnerable of the displaced population in the country. They often live in sub-standard conditions with a lack of private spaces, limited bathing and kitchen facilities, and in need of basic NFIs. Needs vary and fall under multiple sectors, requiring coverage of needs and CCCM-coordinated response from humanitarian actors across sectors including protection, shelter, health, WASH, food, and livelihoods.

In Ukraine, government and other local actors are the primary managers of collective sites hosting IDPs. The CCCM Cluster is supporting CS management and coordinate assistance delivery among humanitarians and engage affected people and other stakeholders to ensure humanitarian standards and principles are met and implemented.

Cluster objectives

  1. Improve living conditions in collective sites (CSs) through enhanced site coordination and management
  2. Strengthen the self-organization of the displaced population and improve access to information
  3. Build the capacities of the Cluster partners and relevant stakeholders

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CCCM Cluster Mailing List


National Hub in Kyiv
Miranda Gaanderse
Senior CCCM Cluster Coord Officer

Oleksandra Ferlikovska
Assoc. CCCM Cluster Coord Officer 

Daigo Takagi
Information Management Officer

Rustam Saifutdinov
Asst. Information Management Officer

Oleh Topchiiev
CCCM Cluster Associate 

West Hub in Lviv
Halyna Barshivska
Asst. CCCM Cluster Coord Officer

Central Hub in Vinnytsia
Iuliana Mazur
Asst. CCCM Cluster Coord Officer

Yaroslav Matiash
CCCM Cluster Associate


East Hub in Dnipro
Ioanna Tzagnoun-Kotaki
CCCM Cluster Coord Officer

Anhelina Samoilenko
Asst. CCCM Cluster Coord Officer