Capacity Building Impact Evaluation 2015

IOM and UNHCR, as the global co-lead agencies, commissioned Tim Foster, an independent consultant, to carry out this evaluation from March to November 2015. The evaluation focused on: the nearly 200 CCCM and CMC training courses run with the support of the CCCM global cluster partners in 50 countries over the last 10 years; how better to measure the impact of future capacity development efforts; and recommendations for future capacity building support from the global cluster.
The evaluation considers capacity of the system as a whole to “ensure equitable access to services and protection for displaced persons”, and is considered at three levels

  • Operating environment (the legal framework, humanitarian architecture etc.)
  • Organisational level (mandates, funding etc.);
  • Individual level (competencies etc.).

The agreed methodology included: a review of key documents; surveys of some 2,200 participants, trainers and commissioners of the training courses over the last 10 years; interviews with 45 key informants at the global level; and two field visits to the Philippines and South Sudan involving a further 40 interviews. In addition the evaluator participated in two CCCM retreats and attended a forum on online training in Geneva.

The evaluation took longer to complete than originally planned due to:

  • Delays in confirming the destination for the second field trip, originally planned for Iraq in June,
  • The considerable challenges encountered in cleaning data, translating and issuing the survey

The report contains 34 recommendations under 10 headings drawn from the Terms of Reference for the evaluation. These recommendations are summarised below with key findings where appropriate.