Introducing Community Coffee & Chat: Your Monthly Connection to Community Engagement Insights!

We're excited to share and invite you to our new initiative, the Community Coffee & Chat sessions, designed to foster conversations and knowledge sharing within the humanitarian community. Hosted by the Community Engagement Forum, these monthly sessions are your opportunity to dive into the latest insights, connect with like-minded practitioners, and broaden your understanding of Community Engagement in humanitarian responses.

About the Community Engagement Forum:
The Community Engagement Forum is an online platform that serves as an interagency Community of Practice for CCCM and other humanitarian professionals. Committed to enhancing the participation of communities affected by displacement in humanitarian actions, the forum provides a virtual hub for practitioners to connect, exchange experiences, access resources, and expand their learnings.

What to Expect from Community Coffee and Chat:
Each month, we will bring you a Community Coffee & Chat session that delves into key CE topics. Experts and practitioners, will join us to share their experiences, insights, and practical strategies. These sessions aim to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to make a meaningful impact in your CE efforts.

Stay Connected:
Follow us on Instagram for regular updates, sneak peeks, and highlights from each session. Engage with fellow practitioners, ask questions, and be part of the CE conversation.

For more information about the Community Engagement Forum, visit our website and register to become a member of the community of practice.

The announcements for upcoming Coffee & Chats can be located on the CCCM Events Page.
Community Coffee & Chat