Call for 2021-2022 CCCM Case Studies Contributions!

Dear CCCM colleagues,

It is time again for the global CCCM Cluster to reach out to you all to document and share your experiences, efforts and lessons learned for the 2021-22 CCCM case studies collection.

The CCCM case studies collection is now in its 9th year and has documented more than 49 CCCM projects implemented by a diverse group of agencies in more than 20 countries. This repository of learning is accessible to all on the CCCM global website.

Global CCCM Case Studies Publications

With all your continued efforts and commitment to share your experiences and learning we endeavour to compile a collection of CCCM case studies for the years 2020-21. We are greatly looking forward to your contributions and submissions!

The new collection will focus on 5 main topics:

  • Climate change and disaster preparedness
  • Camp Management updates
  • Working with state & non-state actors
  • Localisation
  • Site environment & inclusion


The submission form can be found here:

2021-2022 CCCM Case Studies Submission form


The Submission deadline is the 18th of February 2022.

Please e-mail the completed form to

If you would like to discuss your ideas, please reach out to the Global CCCM Cluster team and /or


We are looking forward to your contributions!

The Global CCCM Cluster Team
Case studies