Camp Management Standards Working Group meeting

Mon, 14/12/2020 - 15:00 (START)
Mon, 14/12/2020 - 16:00 (END)

Hi Everyone


A few updates – the copy editor Jenny Claydon is finishing her work this week and the contract has been submitted to the publishing company River Valley Technologies. We are sooo close to having our Standards ready and in our hands to use. Let’s get our workplan finalized before this year ends with a final meeting this coming Monday at 15:00 CET.


Please be ready to provide your commitment to the workplan (you will see that some have already been made) and any comments to the TOR (none were received).


Agenda will be:

  1. TOR agreement and discussion
  2. Workplan
  3. AoB


Have a good rest of the week!


My best,


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