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Design guide

In 2023, the global CCCM cluster introduced its new branding strategy. The cluster unveiled a new logo featuring a Blue Sapphire color scheme for light backgrounds and an Ecru white color scheme for dark backgrounds. The new branding also included the adoption of the Inter font family as the CCCM Cluster's primary typeface. This rebranding effort aimed to create a more modern and visually appealing image for the CCCM Cluster, while still maintaining the organization's commitment to its core mission of providing effective and efficient displacement site coordination and emergency response solutions.

Updated logo

Our new logo will be the focal element in recognizing the work of the Global CCCM Cluster as we strive to improve and broaden our coordination of and community engagement in IDP sites. It symbolizes our commitment to the people we serve and our dedication to providing effective and efficient solutions for those affected by displacement.

We are confident that this new logo will help us to raise awareness of the vital work that we do and strengthen our position as a leading organization in the field of humanitarian response. 

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